This week’s fantasy roundtable

The Fantasy Roundtable question of the week: Which hot outfielder should you sell RIGHT NOW!

My answer: Magglio Ordonez.

My reasoning: He’s off to a great start and hasn’t been healthy in years. I just don’t buy that he’ll keep it together. Plus, he’s got a name that might pique the interest of owners in your league.

My take on the other suggestions:

Alex Rios: Sure he’s due to cool down, but probably not much. You’d be hard-pressed to get someone in return who’ll match his numbers for the rest of the year.

Casey Blake: Indeed, Blake is on pace for a monster year that most likely won’t come to fruition. The problem is that when making fantasy trades, you’re not trading stats – you’re trading names. And good luck finding someone who’s really looking to add Casey Blake to their roster.
Eric Byrnes: I didn’t know he was hot until a few days ago. Given that I write about fantasy baseball, that says a lot about his value. Plus I had him on a team in 2003 when he went from a 22-game hit streak to waiver wire fodder overnight.

Jermaine Dye: Dye has been pretty solid for the last few years, but good luck finding someone who actually thinks he’ll keep up his current pace to hit 42 homers this year.

And that’s my two cents. Or four cents, I guess. For more of my cents, I’ll be covering tonight’s NL action in the Open Leagues player news section once again.


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