Recent stuff…

1. Last week’s Great Debate: Which baseball players would make great fantasy football players.

Don’t ask. Just read.

2. This week’s roundtable: Which great rookie won’t be so great in 2007.

Nine writers. Everyone chose Dan Uggla or Jonathan Papelbon except for me (Cole Hamels) and Tim (no relation to Mel) Ott, who chose Josh Barfield. Can’t say I agree with the Barfield thing, as he’s supposed to be a decent player for a long, long time, but Papelbon and Uggla? Will Big Pap have an ERA under 1.00? Of course not, but he’ll be a fine starter or reliever. He’s hardly a one-hit wonder. As for Uggla, it’s not CLEAR to me why he’s doing so well. This sudden (h)GROWTH(h) in his stats does make you think. I just didn’t write about him because I knew everyone else would, and I gave him some love in my football column the week before.

3. The previous roundtable: Which "big name" should you cut ties with.

This turned out to be an interesting topic, as everyone chose a different player. No need to go into all of them, but I chose Mike Piazza, who promptly homered in back-to-back games as soon as the column was posted. BUT, he was playing in Cincinnatti, where some dude named David Ross has been blasting homers left and right all season. Since leaving Cincy, Piazza is 1-for-11. I feel justified.


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    I know you’re talking fantasy, but…serves you right. Great offensive comeback year from Metal Mike. I’m still mad about him missing the All-Star Game, too. Brian McCann is a bum.

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