Final writings

Here are the last couple of things I wrote this season…

1. Great Debate: 2007 Preseason Fantasy Team

Is what it is.

2. The final roundtable: Fantasy awards!

This one was kinda fun, though I really didn’t have much time to give it proper thought. My votes were…

Fantasy MVP: Albert Pujols
Most people chose Soriano, which probably would have made sense. Oops.

Fantasy Cy Young: Johan Santana
Nobody voted for anyone else. Yup, he’s that good.

Rookie of the Year: Jonathan Papelbon
Simply a monster year. Lirano was great, but only mattered for half a season. No need to vote for him.

Disappointment: Morgan Ensberg
I voted for Jorge Cantu, mainly because I rode Ensberg’s hot streak and then traded him, which I didn’t find very disappointing at all.

Draft-day steal: Justin Morneau
’bout time.

Waiver-wire Pickup: J.J Putz
Hee hee. I said Putz.

Comeback: Frank Thomas
Nobody else deserved a vote.

Utilityman: Bill Hall
Freddy Sanchez won a batting title, but Hall had over 30 homers. I’ll take the dingers, thanks.

Inconsistent: Dontrelle Willis
You never knew what you’d get. Francoeur makes sense as well though.

Biggest Fizzle: Chris Shelton
Obvious choice.

Best moustache: Burt Reynolds and Dave Bush
Neither got a mention. What can you do.


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