Some random thoughts

I’m gonna (once again) make an effort to update this more often. We’ll see how that goes. In the meantime, here are some thoughts about what be up in the wacky world of baseball.

1. The Reds

Last night the Reds beat the Giants and climbed into a tie for first place. All season long, baseball writers haven’t really given the Reds a fair shake. They keep saying that the team will fall apart and not make the playoffs. Well, guess what? Looks like they will. Thanks to my NL-only fantasy team, I’ve watched a lot of Reds games this year — they’re probably third in my "most viewed" list behind the Red Sox and Mets — and they look like they have "it." Sure, sometimes they get blown out, but they often find ways to win close games, and a number of players (Dunn, Phillips, Freel, Griffey,  Encarnacion, Aurillia, Hatteberg, David Ross, etc…) have come through in big situations. I like this team. I think they’re "for real," as the kids would say.

2. Shawn Green

What, he’s not a 45-home run hitter anymore? You’re kidding! I love how baseball writers feel the need to point this out, as if Omar Minaya’s media guide ends with the 2001 season. Look, the Mets knew fully what they were doing, and what’s the downside about adding a veteran lefty who takes pitches, makes contact, and can easily slide into an already talented lineup? I’m all for the trade. Plus, Shea Stadium easily has the highest percentage of **** in the crowd of any Major League stadium. Big ovations for Shawn every time he comes up. Good vibes.Thumba156c70fe527401a9c049618b2f259a4car

3. Johnny Damon

He’s got eight homers in the last three weeks. He hit 10 all of last season. Not saying someone should ask if he’s been spending too much time with Jason Giambi, but if you think there’s nothing fishy about this, you should have your head examined.

4. Edwin Encarnacion

He’s got seven homers in the last three weeks. But unlike Damon, he’s a young power hitter entering his prime. Very happy to know I can keep him for the next few years on my NL-only fantasy team.

5. The Wire

The only thing this show has to do with baseball is the constant references to the Orioles. But it’s amazing, and I’d reccomend anyone to watch the old episodes before the new season starts up again in a few weeks.


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