Writings wrecap

1. Last week’s roundtable:

A weird question – which player with multi-position eligibility is worth trading for – was asked. The reason (as with a number of our questions) was because the writer who chooses the questions often has a guy in his head he wants to write about and then forms a question around him. He chose Ryan Freel. I chose Nomar because Nomar rocks the party (when not rocking the disabled list). Our question for the coming week is "which rookie pitcher should you add now?" I’m about 175% certain that the dude who poses the questions will pick Chad Billingsley. He has dreams about him. Dirty dreams.

2. The previous roundtable:

Which pitcher will "hit the wall" soon? The popular answer was Chien-Ming Wang of the Yankees, which I think is hogwash. Pure, unadulterated hogwash. See, Wang doesn’t strike people out, which means he *shouldn’t* be as good as he is. That’s one of those newfangled ways to evaluate baseball players. There’s another way, which I call "watching the game." Wang has – and does – look good. Then again I copped out and said "The Marlins." Guess I was busy that week.


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