Last week’s writings

Last week I did another "Great Debate" for the MLB Fantasy site. This one was about whether it helps to be "naughty" or "nice" when making trades. The moral of the story: who cares. But it makes for slightly decent reading, so take a look if you’re wicked bored or something.

Last week’s roundtable was all about who to grab after the anti-climactic trade deadline. I chose Francisco Cordero (a popular selection) and mentioned Ryan Shealy, who I pimped the week before.

So what else is up in the world of baseball?

Oh, if anyone, ever, under any circumstances writes an article before October saying that the Yankees have "no chance" and will be "on the outside looking in" during the playoffs, well, they deserve to be fired. Especially if they work for the New York Post. This **** happens EVERY year! And EVERY year the Yankees "fight through adversity" to make the playoffs. Please, leave them be.

In a related story, the Red Sox will probably finish at least seven games out of first. They just don’t look good right now. And Wily Mo is Spanish for "car accident." Who knew.


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