Roundtable Roundups

This week’s roundtable was posted the other day. The question was: Which player will see their value rise after the trade deadline.

The answer I wanted to use: How the f@#$ should I know?

The answer I did use: Ryan Shealy (aka, how the f@#$ should I know?)

My thoughts on the other suggestions:

Andy Marte: Fair enough.

Fausto Carmona: Why not?

Aaron Heilman: Perhaps.

Carlos Quentin: Sure.

Barry Zito: Slight copout.

Shane Victorino and Alex Escobar: Possibly and maybe.

Alfonso Soriano: Total copout.

Last week’s roundtable was posted last week. It begged the question of which player will be a "surprise" in the second half. For the most part everyone understood what "surprise" meant, with a few exceptions.

My answer: Mark Hendrickson.

My thoughts…

Howie Kendrick: Can a guy who hit close to .400 in Triple-A be a surprise?

Fausto Carmona: Dude looks like a genius for writing this.

Jeremy Hermida: Come on. The fantasy-nerd wet dream of the year performing well would NOT BE A SURPRISE!

Nick Markakis: Possibly.

Mark Kotsay: Yes, I’d be very surprised if he did anything remotely worth noting.

Dallas McPherson: Don’t think he’ll play this year, so yes, this would qualify as a surprise.

Mark Teahen: Agree. Even though he plays for the Royals.


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