Roundtable Roundups

Our last three Fantasy Roundtables have been fun, but hardly blog-worthy. They were…

1. What’s the deal with Roger Clemens
Since the site is part of Major League Baseball, I couldn’t exatly say that I have a strong distatse for the man and that…
a) I happened to be in Las Vegas during game one of the World Series last year and was telling everyone in shouting distance I wish I could have bet on "Clemens will fake an injury and leave in the fourth inning," which he did.
b) I am 100% not surprised about this

I told people to hold on to him. Whatever, it’s not like he pitches for the Yankees anymore.

2. What’s up on some first half Fantasy All-Stars

We all voted and the winners were more-or-less unanimous. I wrote about Vernon Wells, who along with Chase Utley, has joined the shortlist of players I don’t want coming up against the Red Sox or any of my fantasy pitchers under any circumstances, ever.

3. What’s up on some fantasy disappointments

This one was a little trickier, as everyone has different opinions on what a disappointment is. My thoughts on the "winners"…

Catcher – Jason Varitek.
He hasn’t been great, but it’s not as if he’s ever been much of a fatasy stud. I voted for Bengie and Yadier Molina, both of whom have been horrible.

1B – Mark Teixeira
I’m totally sick of people complaining about him. I’m also pissed that he had nine homers before the break, then hit three on Thursday when I’m playing against him in our fantasy "expert" MLB Open league.

2B – Marcus Giles
Personally, I’ve always thought the guy was overrated. I voted for Jorge Cantu, and though he’s been injured, he’s been awful when "healthy."

SS – Jhonny Perralta
I voted for Clint Barmes, who’s been completely useless. Perralta really hasn’t been that bad.

3B – Aubrey Huff
Huff has NEVER been good in the first half of a season. I voted for Adrian Beltre, because few players sum up the shady recent history of MLB sluggers more than him.

OF – Cliff Floyd, Barry Bonds, Coco Crisp
Agree with Floyd, Crisp has been fine when healthy, and Bonds? If you drafted Bonds you should really only be disappointed with yourself. I voted for Jose Guillen, Willy Taveras and Matt Murton. All should have been good. None have.

RP – Brad Lidge
Totally agree, though I voted for Jose Valverde. At least Lidge is still getting saves.

SP – Mark Mulder
I got to write this one, since he’s the only "winner" I voted for. As I mentioned, I just don’t get why some of the other guys got votes…

Felix Hernandez: Disappointing. Also born the year "Top Gun" came out, so cut him some slack.

Randy Johnson: Almost 43-years-old and has no knee. I can see how you were expecting great things.

Jake Peavy: He’s killed me in my NL-only league. I adopted him and Derrick Turnbow as keepers, and I never would have drafted either. I should really trust me more often.

Mark Prior and Kerry Wood: Like Bonds, if you took a flyer on either of these guys you have nobody but yourself to blame. Drafting pitchers on the disabled list? Hey, that works almost never.


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