And we’re back…

Haven’t posted in a long time. As stated in entry #1, I’m lazy. But I was also away, so that can count as an excuse too.

First things first, let’s rip apart a baseball writer who I can’t stand. Today’s entry: Rob Neyer.

Neyer is part of the new wave of uber-nerd baseball writers that spew out stats nobody has heard of and generally act as if they haven’t watched a game in about 10 years. My favorite (or I guess least-favorite) moment of his career thus far was when he called Todd Walker something along the lines of "useless" mere weeks after he carried the Red Sox through the ultimately depressing 2003 Playoffs. Nice. He also often calls Jose Reyes the "worst shortstop in baseball" and always finds fun ways to antagonize people sending him questions in ESPN chats. Lovely.

Anyhow, a few weeks back, Neyer wrote this gem. For those who don’t have ESPN Insider, it’s an article about how there is no "tangible" evidence to prove that "intangibles" matter in baseball. It’s amazing to read an entire article in which Neyer proves you can’t prove something that people don’t look for proof in.

I think he has evidence that an editor committed murder or something. There’s really no other way to justify his continuous employment.


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