And we’re back!

I know I promised that I’d keep up the blog thing…and then I went about two weeks without posting. But it wasn’t my fault, I swear.

Last week I had to head down to the land of the elderly and Dwayne Wade because my number one fan, my Grandpa, went up to the giant Ebbets Field in the sky. But as long as he has an Internet connection where he is, he’ll keep reading. So that makes one. 1150878270

So the passing of my 88-year-old Grandpa took care of last week, and that coincided with the unexpected demise of my 10-month-old ipod, which took up my computer time in the last few days. But now I’m armed with a brand-new replacement ipod, and a "valise" full of my Grandfather’s most-excellent wardrobe, so I’m good-to-go.

As for baseball, I haven’t had a chance to "blog" about our last two Fantasy Roundtables, but no big deal. Last week we were asked which first baseman should take the place of Albert Pujols, and considering nearly everyone suggested Mike Jacobs (as did I), Dan Johnson or Mike Jacobs and Dan Johnson, there was no need to get all introspective and (rhymes with sit).

This week we were asked our thoughts on Mark Prior. I compared him to Buck Martinez. Well, sort of.

Back to work now. More soon, I promise.

Seacrest. Out.


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