The Roundtable Review

This week’s Fantasy Roundtable was posted a few days ago. The million dollar question of the week:

Which "speedster" is the best buy on the market?

My answer: Torii Hunter

My reasoning: Finding stolen bases is such a supreme pain the (rhymes with sass), that you might as well add someone who brings a little more to the table. In my NL-only league, I figured I was all set with Ryan Freel and Willy Taveras. Now niether one plays that much, and poor Willy seems to have forgotten how to run altogether. At least someone like Hunter will add some homers along the way, and considering he might be a free agent soon, he’ll be looking to pad his numbers Soriano-style.

My take on the other suggestions…

Jimmy Rollins: A good player, but he’s vastly overrated due to his recent hit streak.

Joey Gathright: Will continue to steal lots of bases…in Triple-A.

Nate McLouth: I’m second-to-last in steals in my NL-only league and recently dropped him. Translation: he’s just not that good right now. But hey, at least you can pick him up for free.

Julio Lugo: Definitely a good choice. Probably available on the cheap too. You’ll just have to live with the karma from starting a player who allegedly beat his wife with a car.

Lastings Milledge: Great for keeper leagues, but he won’t steal too many bases this season.

Dave Roberts: Very hot right now. Lotsa steals, but not exactly for sale at the Five and Dime.

Willy Taveras: I can’t decide who hates him more at the moment – me or Phil Garner. Probably a toss up.

Mike Cameron: Will steal lots of bases this year. Will also hit .230.

Coco Crisp: Should finish with about 20+ swipes, but it’s VERY hard to trade for a player who just spent time on the DL. Nobody looks forward to parting with a player who’s burned a hole in their bench for a prolonged period of time.



  1. Thomas

    Concerning Taveras.. do you blame Phil? Willy should be a leadoff hitter with his speed, but he has an OBP just barely above 300.. he needs to raise that a lot if he wants to play every day. At the start of the year they had him batting 2nd in front of Berkman. It didn’t really make sense for him to steal then since Berkman has extra base power and Willy can score from first.

    I agree with you. Torii Hunter is the best choice

  2. Ben

    I think he should get more than a week or so as the leadoff hitter. Whether he bats first or second, he’s not getting base, and at least he can run more often (and keep pitchers throwing over) batting ahead of Biggio instead of Berkman.

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