Introducing the Goth Jock collection!

Are you a confused high schooler who’s not sure which clique to join? You still like sports, but find yourself drawn to the dark side of black hair dye and eyeliner? Meanwhile, your friends listen to run-of-the-mill bunk like Hoobastank, but you can’t get enough of Disintegration and "Bela Lugosi’s Dead?" Well do I have some fashion accessories for you!

Introducing the first ever Goth Jock collection!

Don’t want to get beat up by the jocks? Wear the jersey of Cubs rookie Angel Pagan!


                               Don’t want to be excluded by the goths? Turn around and show ’em this beauty!


Sure they’re expensive, but it’ll only be a few more shifts at Hot Topic before you can add these to your conflicted closet.


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