My first post!

So this is it. Post #1 on my official blog. Hopefully it’ll be the first of many, though we’ll see what happens. I have a history of laziness working against me, but I plan on fighting the urge to let this page sit unattended for very long. But, you never know.
For the last decade or so I’ve written about many things – both professionally and unprofessionally. In fact, I have a website that houses a lot of this stuff.

It wasn’t until recently that I started my "career" as a fantasy baseball writer for How did I make that dream come true? Luck. And craigslist.

As of now I do two things for’s fantasy site. First, I anonymously contribute to the player news section of Open leagues. You might need to sign up to access this. I believe they’re working to make this available to everyone.

Second, I contribute to the weekly Fantasy Roundtable. This you don’t need a password for. And I have a sexy picture on it and everything.

What will this blog contain? My thoughts on baseball (of the fantasy and reality varieties), and anything else that seems post-worthy. Why should you care? Because hopefully I will entertain you while you’re bored. That’s what the Internet is for, isn’t it?


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